Slinky Obsession


Our little Ella is going through a complete Slinky Obsession which has turned G into a pro in detangling ‘slinkies in need’. Sometimes simple toys still have the highest entertainment value. What ‘old school’ toys are your kids into?

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  1. ohhhhh mann, hab ich das als kind geliebt :) danke fuer den flashback!

  2. After spending £150 on my two year old son this Christmas, his favourite gift was a harmonica which cost £1. He hasn’t put it down for two months!

  3. my my… now you found a treasure. I found the colorful one this days, but metal is impossible!!

  4. Oh, I’ve been waiting to get my son a Slinky! We just got him some Silly Putty!

  5. My kids love the slinky, too – the metal ones are certainly more durable than the plastic ones. I have boxes of die-cast Hot Wheels cars from the late 60’s and early 70’s that are still in great shape from my childhood, and are played with regularly by my youngest.

  6. slinky, auch hier. pustefix seifenblasen, holzkreisel.

  7. We have about 3 or 4 slinkys in the house. Mostly the old durable metal. Harmonicas make my kids list and one was fascinated by a jacobs ladder. Oh…. and a good old whoopie cushion as well…come on… I have boys!!

  8. After the large doll house, “princess” baby changing/cradle playset, and many littlest petshops from last xmas, the five year old is more interested in cardboard boxes these days.

  9. I just heard a story on NPR last week from the annual US toy show – they said while other toy sales have taken a dive, Slinky sales have gone up exponentially. At the time I thought, “How strange!” I guess this is why. And with swissmiss Seal of Approval, now they’ll go up even more. :)

  10. Somehow, simple wooden blocks are the favorite around here. So simple and better when you have a bunch of sets to add together. We have a set that I don’t think you can get any more, designed by M & Co. Those are my favorite!