400seconds of Pecha-Kucha-Fame

Tonight’s Pecha Kucha event was a fantastic experience. Even though I must say, I was flabbergasted once I saw the venue – not what I expected. It was incredibly loud, dark and there were no seats for the audience. Ever since I started the CreativeMornings 10Minute lecture series I have become really interested in the ‘packaging’ of an event and how it affects the experience. I wonder how this evening would have been perceived in a more quiet environment with seating for everyone and a noise level that would actually allow for a conversation.

The unfortunate venue aside, I loved the event. The broad range of topics was intriguing and the quality of the 6min40second presentations was impressive. While it seems a bit forced at first, to have the slides timed on a 20second interval, it really does force the presenter to keep it short and to the point. Definitely a format I will keep in mind for upcoming presentations or events. Michael has a great summary of the event, read it here.

Thanks to Marc, the gracious organizer. I am definitely looking forward to attend future Pecha Kuchas. Thanks to G for filming the event with his photocamera. For those of you interested in my presentation, here are my 400seconds of Pecha-Kucha-Fame:

swissmiss presenting at Pecha Kucha NYC | March 2009 from swissmiss on Vimeo.

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  1. Loved hearing your story about how you became a designer! I’m definitely going to attend the next pecha kucha in boston!

  2. Wow, Fabulous. And Having been born and lived in Switzerland for years, I never thought about the great designs. YOU ARE SOO RIGHT!

  3. I wish I could have been there tonight! How often are these pecha kucha sessions held?

  4. Yaaaay! Thanks for putting this up, girl! After a long day, it was fun to sit on my couch and watch my gal pal up in front of a happy appreciative audience. Totally made me happy. Nice job on the speech, too, by the way! :)

  5. Tina, my dear, I’m so glad you posted the video because I have to confess I punked out on the event after standing around for two hours! The email confirmation said showtime was 7:00, but obviously it didn’t get started till 9:00. Considering there was no seating, and it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder, and I couldn’t see the screen, and couldn’t really breathe, I felt it was necessary to sacrifice my $5.00 (plus a bullshit $1.50 service fee) and go home.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t see you live. Epic venue fail.

  6. I have you bookmarked as a resource for inspiration in my bookmarks folders. and saw your video.
    Thank you for sharing and I smiled the whole time.
    We have these events in Charlotte, but I”m a single mom of 2 adorable kids. And I can’t get out at night like I used to.
    You are one of the greats. and the fact that you are so willing to share and show where you get your inspiration, makes me believe again that there are some real designers out there that do care.
    GO Helvetica.
    Southern girl in Charlotte

  7. Love it. Made me happy. But i want to hear so much more from you. Do you have any video of other “lectures”?

  8. Hi Tina! Great presentation! Yes, your blog also makes me happy and always look forward to as my daily read. I like what you mentioned about ordinary things being beautiful. Also, I’m currently using Excel, bookmarks for stuff I saw on the web and liked, but everything is a mess, maybe I should start bloggin?! – Your loyal “fans” from Hong Kong Wendy.

  9. way to go Tina! great work! i am checking out Pecha Kucha for the first time on thursday here in Vancouver! really excited!


  10. I really enjoyed learning about what you do at the event I will be following your blog from now on. And I agree that a better venue could have been chosen — one with some seats!

  11. unfortunately i was in the same situation as prescott. the venue for this event was not too great and i had to bail back to work to finish things. great to see the swissmiss part posted though!

    ps. my wife lost her iphone at the event incase any amazing person finds it, please contact me. :)

  12. It was good to put a face to the name and see the person behind my favourite blog =]

  13. very well done!
    thanks for all the new and also normal things you found for us

  14. hi tina! loved your talk…even from way in the back by the bar! :) thank you!

  15. You delivered a fun and authentic presentation, Tina.
    Agree with your comments about venue shortcomings.
    I didn’t mind standing up – but wherever they do it next, they have to raise the screen! Seeing only the top half of a slide doesn’t enhance the equivalent of watching the Olympics’ 100-metre dash of powerpoint!

    But you and a few of the others made it worthwhile:
    ->hellohealth.com’s jay parkinson – imagine emailing your doctor!
    ->Eric Sanderson http://wcs.org/mannahatta – the past is always with us
    ->Emeco; Dan Fogelson, emeco.com – taking the BS out of his own company’s starchitecting
    ->Jonathan Harris, http://thewhalehunt.org/ – the most visceral, literally. We all have to eat. Man cannot live on Helvetica alone.

  16. I was there and agree that the venue was totally inappropriate for speakers touting the benefits of good design. No seats! concrete floors that hurt your back to stand on after 10 minutes. Insanely loud music. I think the organizers seriously misjudged their audience. we’re there for the speakers, not the lousy band or glaring magenta background lights. The ideas in the presentations were fascinating, but I don’t think I’ll be back for PK 7.

  17. Love the story. wish i could have been there :-(


  18. Tina,
    I agree about the venue- but loved your talk which I viewed on my tip-toes! Thanks for inspiring!

  19. awesome! THANK YOU Gary for taking the video.
    i’m ready to move to switzerland just for the milk cartons!
    go helvetica!

  20. Dear Swissmiss,

    I read your blog everyday from switzerland (lausanne), and it makes me happy! (;-)

    This talk opened my mind on paying attention to the importance of visual signs to find things again, I guess I have the same problem than you once had with my bookmarks… It inspires me to find a visual solution now!

    Cheers to your aunt, your family and you!

    From switzerland with love, francesca

  21. Dear SwissMiss, you make me happy.

  22. Great video. I enjoyed hearing about your background and a little bit about your outlook on design. The creative morning videos are great as well. If I was closer to NYC I would definitely attend those.

    Keep up the great blogging.

  23. You go girl!!! I love the Hugi reference. What a great lady she is!!

  24. hey Tina–

    i have to disagree with you in terms of venue. having a bunch of people speaking in a somewhat gig like setting is one of the things that makes me look forward to this series. if you’re not interacting with the crowd and treat it like any other talk, the presenter is toast. i’ve seen pics from other cities where people are sitting down—it looks frigid and boring. i hope they keep it as a standing room only type of thing. if there’s anything to complain about it’s that they need more bartenders. if the women in front of me hadn’t bought my beers for me i probably would have had to wait 20+ minutes…

  25. @Kris, thank you so much. I do not have any other videos of presentations. I wish I had one of my Apple talk I gave a few weeks back.

  26. dear swissmiss,

    I read your blog because it makes me happy too! My own career as a research biologist is great fun, but has little to do with design. Your blog stimulates the the design-y part of my brain that otherwise gets neglected.

    melissa is pasadena, CA

  27. Hey look at that, you were standing on stage! It was so hard to see anything I couldn’t tell if presenters were on the stage or in that raised DJ booth. I like the idea of a club/gig like setting but the venue is pretty horrible for it. Something like Hiro Ballroom has a similar size and much better sight lines.

    Anyway, I loved the picture of the garbage bags!

  28. Fantastic Pecha Kucha! You are an inspiring speaker!

    -Peter, San Francisco, CA

  29. you made me homesick… sic. … and thirsty!
    good luck on your swissmiss-adventure!

  30. One of my first jobs after college was teaching english in a finishing school in St Gallen in Switzerland. It lasted just over two years until I was found out and got myself fired. When I got back home to Ireland I went to Art School and became a graphic designer. It happens. You are right Switzerland/Helvetica does this to you.
    Tina, Keep on doing what you’re doing. John

  31. I loved hearing your story of how you became a designer and a blogger. I enjoy your blog very much. I am also a designer from Swiss heritage and hope to someday visit Switzerland. You are very inspirational to me. Thanks!

  32. Fantastic presentation! Thanks for posting it. :) Shame about the venue – I also find it hard to do my best when the surroundings aren’t ideal, but you were poised throughout. Well done!

  33. Loved the presentation. Great job. Clean and crystal, with a human touch. It certainly reminds me of a certain clean design look … swiss, may be?
    Congratulations, Tina.
    Well done.

  34. great vid! i’m so glad there’s someone else out there that has the (or had, rather) same problem of bookmarks. I have like, a gazillion. i actually sync them with Foxmarks from work to home now, ha.

    how did you visualize it? is it just part of your blog theme?

    also, would be cool to publish your slides from the video. would love to see that graphic of you and typically work day.


  35. great vid! i’m so glad there’s someone else out there that has the (or had, rather) same problem of bookmarks. I have like, a gazillion. i actually sync them with Foxmarks from work to home now, ha.

    how did you visualize it? is it just part of your blog theme?

    also, would be cool to publish your slides from the video. would love to see that graphic of your typical work day.


  36. Hallo Cousine, nöd schlecht. gratuliere zu dim grossartige Auftritt. Schwizer Design wird durch dich i di ganz welt treit. Me sind stolz uf Di. Liebi Grüess aus der Heimat

  37. so isches! megastolz!

  38. I clapped and cheered at the end of your presentation. Your blog is very enjoyable and inspiring, and has certainly made me happy too. There is beauty in everyday life indeed.


  39. Grerat job, loved the presentation and you do a terrific job. You are very inspirational to me and I love reading you blog daily.
    I run babyology.com.au over in Australia and we love what you are doing, keep up the good work.

  40. Congratulations! Great presentation.
    Just started to read the book Presentation Zen which introduces the Pecha Kucha events. Will try to attend a future one. Am very interested in the art of presentations.
    Glad you showed the audience that some of us Swiss do have a sense of humor. We need more of that.

  41. After so much time following your blog silently, It’s great to discover this video.

  42. I really think your blog is inspiring people! at least is inspiring me! I’m very new into the blogging world! but I’m just so in love with it that I even dare to start mine! Swiss Miss you made me happy today!!! : ). Greetings from Mexico!

  43. thanks for sharing, tina! so glad i could see this since i couldn’t be there!

    keep up the awesome work!