About the Future.


A submission by Jon. Can anyone tell me who originally created/blogged this?

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  1. Baaaahahha this is so good “No offence future man, but is everyone in your time retarded?”

  2. Boy, do I ever wish I authored this! This is hilarious!!

  3. haahahahah awesome XD

  4. so true :]

  5. http://www.sebastianwaters.com/post/82379900/no-offense-future-man-but-is-everyone-in-your-time-retar

    I put it on my blog yesterday after I saw it on some discussion board, later it got reblogged by some guy on dropular and spread as hell

  6. Joe Mako got it at comment #1. The original image came from Where’s My Jetpack?. I recall seeing it when it was first posted.

  7. oh my goodness i LOVE IT!!

  8. Hey:

    I made this on January 1 of this year. In the last 2 weeks it’s gone viral via twitpic, often without credit – but that’s to be expected, I guess.

    Thanks for the nice comments.


  9. Oh okay, now that I know, i’ll put a credit to the picture and a link to your website.

  10. Cool website !

    In the future, we will discover new worlds beyond our imagination! Some continents will vanish and new ones will be created.
    Almost everything will be lead by nano-technology.
    There will be more people and a lot more after.

    We will all go, the new ones will come and they will also go one after one…(Omar Khayam)