Apple Vs Blackberry

A few weeks back Blackberry took its shot. Here’s a clip of Apple showing Blackberry who’s boss.

(via visualculture)

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  1. love this spot. very simple and it gets the message across perfectly. Apple always seems to deliver the diplomatic “f-you” to its competitors.

    i’m a big fan of the saying “a picture is worth a thousands words” and this picture (or clip) is worth a million (even though it took me words to say that)…..

  2. this ad was not done by apple

  3. nice find. i always thought the blackberry ad wasnt very convincing (was a bb guy for 5 years and now have a 3g and love it)


  4. lol! that is a simple fruit fact indeed, i love blackberries though (the fruit that is)

  5. LOL! Thanks for this one!
    I am still an iphone fan! And will be even more thrilled when 3.0 comes out!

  6. Oh, the soundtrack has either the real ping sound from Pink Floyd’s Echoes, or something very very similiar to it.

  7. Another video removed :( Yay for youtube.

  8. As Seb mentioned, this ad was NOT done by Apple. And the original BlackBerry ad this ad is in response to was NOT done or endorsed by RIM either. It was a spec ad done by Guava, a NY ad agency:

  9. In my opinion they are both way to expensive.