Bad Decision Blocker iPhone App


Here’s an iPhone function we really need. The Bad Decision Blocker (BDB for short) is an iPhone app that will let you block any of your phone’s contacts for a predetermined set of time. It’s in the App Store right now for 99 cents. Tim’s title of his post pretty much nails it: “I got this so i can’t call you when im drunk.”

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  1. Google labs has this option for gmail, in a different format. You can set the option up to where you have to provide correct answers to math problems after a set time. So if you want to prevent yourself from sending drunk e-mails, after 10:00 pm, you must correctly answer a sequence of math problems in order to send mail.

  2. This. Is. Hilarious. And somewhat ingenious :)

  3. I never wanted, or needed, an iphone till now. The google labs thing isn’t as useful; there are people who I LOVE sending drunk e-mails to.

  4. great idea! simple and useful.

  5. ohmygod. amazing.

  6. at joey
    you’re reading skills suck
    you’re proporting a well known april’s fool day hoax as fact