Business cards are so 2007


Contxts lets you send your contact info via text message. I agree with Tim, this is a cool idea.

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  1. It seems like this took an awfully long time to happen — weren’t people beaming their info to each other on Palm Pilots in 2001? There was some beaming going on.

  2. Ever seen Seems an awful lot cooler than contxts…

  3. i love the idea. indeed, first thing i do when receiving a businesscard, is to digitalize it . what a waste of time.
    although – as with the disappearance of cd covers – i would miss the nice graphics of the cards.

  4. Johnny, if by cooler you mean has a more attractive UI sure… But that service hasn’t changed much since they first launched. SMS messages are universal and far simpler.

  5. CONTXTS is offering a great service, but I do not think it is to replace business cards. I think they are rather complimentary, or at least the latest enhances the use of the first.

  6. I like the idea – DubMeNow is a similar application that just launched in 2008. They have the option to use either SMS or email to connect.

    Neat ideas, but I have to agree with Print Matt in that I don’t think we’re ready for business cards to become obsolete just yet – could be well on our way though.

  7. In response to the posts above:
    I think we’re more likely to see business cards printed with QR, e ink, etc., before they become altogether obsolete.