Lapin Lamp


I got our little EllaBella one of these Lapin (Night) Lamps and she is in love with it. She named it Sammy and kisses it good-night before bed. Too cute! I secretly want one for our bedroom… (on a sidenote: How cool is that Fisher Price camera that I found on eBay??)

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  1. The lamp is cute, camera is nice — but A fish out of water is one of my favorite books ever!

    I couldn’t remember the name though! Thanks!

  2. Very sweet! We can’t wait to see the pictures for the AT small spaces book.

  3. Yes, that camera is way too cool. It deserves a special post, with better pictures. Does it take pictures or it’s only a toy?

  4. Yes, where did you get that camera?! That’s fantastic.

  5. The glowing rabbit, I’m in love with it too!
    I took a picture of it few times ago, you can see it there :

  6. I’m obsessed with that fisher price camera– amazing! Is it the picture story camera? I haven’t seen one quite like that before… please show more photos!

  7. Yay for lovely bunrab lamps!! May need to adopt one for my home too. : )

    I found this friendly green one in a Paris dept store, brought him back and had the insides switched out for US electrical parts.

    here he is lit up:

    and unlit, among friends:

  8. Wow that camera is cool! Does it actually take photos?

  9. We have a green rabbit lamp in our windowsill at home. I’ve also seen geese and ducks as lamps.

  10. uuh, i have the same lamp in my room! its my favorite, so cute, so romantic…

  11. This is a great room. Where are the duvet covers from? I LOVE them!

  12. My little girl is called Ella too and I call her Ellabella all the time!
    Just wanted to share this with you :-)
    Have a nice day!
    Liesbeth from Belgium

  13. ps: she’s got the goose version of this lamp in her room

  14. hi can you tell me where you got the duvet cover from they are great. thanks

  15. @janine: Good old IKEA.