Microsoft Sustainability

I saw this at the The Invisible Web and Ubiquitous Computing presentations at SXSW. Very inspiring:

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  1. we will have to look back in 10 years and see if the future looks like this.

  2. No one said this is going to happen in 10 years. The term “future” in “future vision” denotes an indeterminate amount of time. But who knows, it may take shorter than 10 years to achieve this sort of reality if people like Legare and asw added to the productivity instead of denouncing the possibility. This is an amazingly well done video showcasing what creativity and productivity coupled together can accomplish. Thank you for sharing Alvaro’C!

  3. So according to Microsoft the future is devoted to literal thinkers. There won’t be any room for visual thinkers, and people with A.D.D / A.D.H.D can for get of being part of it.

    This entire presentation didn’t not show photographs at all, neither fine-art style illustrations. The entire future was made out of data, data and more data. words and number and illustrations of, data again, and graphs that show more data nicely.

    I see that Microsoft vision for the future is driven by engineers only and there won’t ve any room for creative minds. Nice technology, however in my opinion sustainable future require to put the human being at the centre rather then nice screens everywhere.

    (Unless they plan on killing half of the population, which will make the planet more sustainable no doubt. Is there an underlying meaning here?)

  4. sorry for all those typos.. it’s too early.

  5. This would make my work so much easier :)

  6. directors of this video really make a amazing job. smart things, great attention to details

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