Photo shoot at casa swissmiss

We had an exciting morning here at casa swissmiss. Maxwell of Apartment Therapy showed up with his fabulous team to photograph our place for their upcoming Small Spaces Book. Very exciting. Ella was a total ham and played along nicely. Maxwell’s team was delightful and consisted of Jim Franco, the photographer, Kan Kanbayashi, Joe Maer and Ben Weber. A delightful team and a fun way to spend one’s morning. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

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  1. looks like red and write extends beyond this website.

    Ella looks totally unphased by the various cables, lights and props as well as photographers – a happy girl you have there!

    ps love the giraffe!

  2. Wow look at that big girl!

  3. Still want the giraffe. I can’t believe how many hours I’ve spent trying to find that thing!

    Congratulations, lady. I’m so proud. :)

  4. don’t know what’s more exciting…ella’s shoot or bb’s geeked-out response! love them both…you guys are ridonculously chic!

    had to post about your posts (it was so postworthy, couldn’t help it…)

    the red and white checks make for great happiness.

    go Ella!

  5. Greets from Unplggd (aka AT: Home tech)! I can’t wait to check out the new book by Maxwell!

  6. so awesome! ella looks cute as ever.

  7. This looks like any other IKEAlized urban American apartment. I don’t see any visual quality whatsoever!

  8. Don’t know what the previous commenter is talking about….from the small amount I’ve seen it looks awesome. Can you let us know when the book comes out? I’d like to get my hands on it!

  9. I was there—shooting. It is a very calm and peaceful and easy to photograph home. The pics make it look way more intense than it was and Ella was a perfect subject.

    And what apartment doesn’t have some little bit of Ikea sneaking around. I’ve photographed places that are floor to ceiling tchotchkes and ones that are minimalist. For me what makes for a good apartment to photograph is the enthusiasm the owner has for his or her objects and possessions, be them many or few.

    This apartments particular gift was that the EMPTY spaces felt alive.