rainbow cake


Rainbow cake from Omnomnom. Made me smile.

(via design scouting)

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  1. suckS too GAY!

  2. eurhm… cake should be yellow or brown.
    bring on the sachertorte, ja !
    but I wouldn’t even think eating or serving this to my kid. looks very synthetic, unhealthy.

  3. Made this a few months again. Very simple and turned out great. Surprisingly little ingredients and healthier than some other, normal cakes.

  4. It looks fabulous, but would be difficult to serve here. in Germany. The more colorful something is, the more unhealthy it is considered. But I love this stuff for kids´Birthdays.

  5. I love it! There are actually quite a lot of natural food dyes out there that can be used to make the colours used in these cakes. Colourful does not mean bad for you anymore and as I am allergic to artificial additives, this is great news!

  6. If you dislike this cake, it’s because you don’t like Fun.

  7. Who just assumes good or bad ingredients were used based on color? Lots of vibrant, healthy colors come from natural ingredients and plenty of plain brown cakes are packed with chemicals and nonsense!

  8. How can I find the recipe to this??

  9. All you do is you make normal cake batter (use anything but chocolate or red velvet) and divide it up into however many colors you want for your cake. make whatever color you want the outermost ring to be have the most batter and the inner rings the least (if they aren’t all even, no one will care, it’s a gorgeous cake!). Put the colored batters into plastic bags, then squirt the first layer into your greased pan (bundt pans dont work as well for this…) DIRECTLY in the center. For the other colors, squirt them also in the center, this will push the layers out and make the cake have rings. continue til you have your layers done, then bake and ice like normal. In my opinion, the gel kind of coloring works a LOT better than liquid, it will give you strong, bright colors.

  10. this cake is amazing!
    if you think its unhealthy well DUH!
    all cake is loaded with sugar, carbs and all kinda of other bad stuff. nobody is shoving it in your face sayng to eat it. furthermore this is an awsome cake, and if you’re going to complain about the healthyness then you shouldnt be blogging about cake

  11. Agreed. This cake looks awesome. Kids would love it. Can u elaborate in the dye for the batter. I have wilsons brand icing coloring gel. Or am I supposed to look for.food coloring like the old school food coloring that we use for easter eggs in gel form? Where to buy it? Can u send me a pic of the dye u used? [email protected]

  12. I am so excited that you have decided to post this cake! I have been looking for something for my daughter’s Carebear Party and this is perfect! I can’t wait to see her face

  13. i made a cake like this it was amazing and everyone liked it. :)

  14. give me the recipe. plz.

  15. OMFG!!!! LOOOOVE IT!