Scanwiches is a site dedicated to scanned Sandwiches. Made me laugh.

(thank you jon)

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  1. Oh man, my partner will love this…he’s such a food/tech geek!

  2. hysterical. it has never occurred to me to scan my sandwich…even when I’m eating in my office!

  3. it’s like the Body World’s exhibit, but with hunger instead of unease.

  4. a similar project with more context:

  5. Almost all of these places are within a few blocks of my office… creepy. There’s no “about” on this site, though.

  6. wish i knew who was doing it; the authoring is no where on the site. very cool, though. :)

  7. something about this that is very nice — the cross-sections on black background …look beautiful

    this should be the new sandwich review standard

  8. once did that with a piece of raw meat… looked much less tasty though…