This has swissmiss written all over it:


I fell in love with this bycicle called Dannebrog by Velorbis. Oh, please be mine!

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  1. A Dutch bike named and coloured after the Danish national flag? Yes, please! It looks wonderful.

  2. Mercy – that is 100% yours…

  3. That is positively adorable! I love the bag and the basket – they really add a special touch. Have you seen the Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i? They have little paintings on them and come in yellow, white, and red (pictures: I haven’t ridden a bike in who knows how long but that bike and this one you just posted makes me want one in a big way!

  4. I love the Danish Velorbis bicycles – Especially the Scrap Deluxe ladies

  5. I’ve been thinking of striping my bike with the company logo :) This may be an idea for you too if you get this lovely bike!

  6. a very Danish comment: ‘Danebrog’ is the name of the Danish flag.

  7. Dannebrog is the name of the Danish flag…. and it looks a little like the Swiss flag, so what could be more perfect? Apart from a Swiss named bicycle! ;)
    I have one that looks almost the same, but in a different color… ride it everyday! But hey, I live i bicycle mekka! ;)

  8. I´m in love, too!

  9. You should have a look on and – I think you’d be a great ambassador for the New York crowd of wearing less lycra and more regular clothes when biking.

    Remember – it’s all about style over speed!

    Oh, and the Velorbis-bikes are amazing. I want a Scrap Deluxe for gents, but it’s a bit expensive (seeing that I live in Copenhagen and don’t need a car, it could still be considered a bargain).

  10. I almost bought bags similar to that for my bicycle, but in my neighborhood they would surely be stolen.
    very cute though!

  11. hoping that you get this…how great you would look, toolin’round town…so verrily berrily you

  12. I want to ride this, in my little countryside town. I would be the only one to have this. This bike is so girly.

  13. If not the whole bike, the bags can definitely be yours– they’re made by a Dutch company called Basil, and they have a whole bunch of amazing styles! I’m in love, too…

  14. The Velorbis bikes are very nice, but if cost is an issue, I would also take a look at the Electras that Tilly suggested. I like the entire Amsterdam series, but especially the “Madonna” and “Tree of Life” models which have Alexander Girad illustrations on the fender skirts.