Yep, the homemade-mini-cupcakes with ‘faces on it’ have become a tradition. Here’s 1, 2 and now 3! Happy Birthday little Ella Joy!

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  1. Happy birthday Ella!

  2. Helvetica for a 3-year girl? That’s what I call education :D

  3. So cute (the cupcakes and the kid)!

  4. Happy Birthday from me too. Have a fun day!

  5. Very many salutations from over the pond – just had our boy‘s third and all could muster up was a rather pathetic Power Rangers cake (hand made I might add and yellow if you ask).

    Will defo have to bear this in mind for next year!

  6. Just ensure that you hold onto at least one of each of them for her… Would be a great thing to look through as you get older. Plus when she turns 18 or so you could have 18 cup cakes, each one with one of her birthday’s faces on it!

    P.S. Happy birthday Ella!

  7. What a lucky child, this is beautiful :) Happy birthday little one!

  8. Adorable! And she looks just like you :0)

  9. Simply adorable. Happy Birthday :)

  10. Ella, you and I share the same birthday — Today is also my birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday to the little cupcake! From a big fan of your mom’s.

  12. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Ella!!
    Viele Grusse aus Montreal

  13. Happy Birthday, Ella! :D

  14. Happy Birthday Ella – 1096 days old!
    Seems like Count von Count from Sesame Street is her baker :)

  15. She’s adorable! A swedish Grattis på födelsedagen!

  16. ooh! i hope you’re saving all of these

  17. Hoppy Birthday Miss Ella!
    3 is alot of fun!

  18. happy birthday ella joy! her birthday is my little reminder that I know swissmiss since 5 years now!! wow!!

  19. So härzig! Happy Birthday Ella!

  20. Happy Birthday little Ella Bella.

    Wish we were there. Save a cupcake for me!

  21. toooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Alles Alles Liebe und Gute kleine Ella!!!
    Hier in Wien gibts eine kleine Lotta, die wird in ein paar Wochen auch 3 und gaaaaaaaaaaaaanz sicher kriegt sie heuer auch so tolle – tja wie sagt man dazu auf Deutsch – Muffins- hae?
    liebe Gruesse

  23. I LOVE this idea….I’m going to do it for my son’s first birthday in August. Brilliant!

  24. Tina that is so cool! How did you cut the circles, or did you find a printing co that would chop them into circles for you?

  25. dropped in from link on a cup of jo
    belated happy birthday to your little girl – the cupcake birthday cakes are so cute….xx

  26. Mark: I bought a circle-cutter 4 years ago in some crafty store. I’ve seen others at target that probably would do the trick as well.