99% | Cheryl Dorsey


Cheryl Dorsey of Echoing Green spoke on the core qualities of a Social Change Agent.

1. Core identity formation and alignment: Social Agents have reached a level of authenticity. They have found their purpose and their passion. They get what they were put on this earth to do. They are in the ‘social change zone’: they are living it, they are breathing it.

2. Focused and Ability to Execute with Alacrity: As a Social Change Agents it’s not just about having the idea, you have to execute on it. You have to build on your mission driven business.

3. Solutions-Oriented: As a Social Change Agent you are in the business of solving problems and not in the business of generating ideas.

4. Asset based thinking: Every prolbem that the rest of us see, a Social Change Agent sees an opportunity. That idea of executing against all odds, is a very powerful force.

5. A resource magent: A social change agent is a resource magnet, able to get volunteers, media attention, funding etc.

6. A Social Change agent has a deep and unshakable obligation to his cause.

… there are more qualities but unfortunately Cheryl ran out of time.

Social change agents are putting most of their emphasis on execution as opposed to the idea generation.

While the qualities of a Social Agent was interesting, I honestly didn’t like the slightly arrogant tone of Cheryl’s presentation. Also, what really bugged me is that she kept skipping over slides. I have a feeling that she used a presenation she always uses but didn’t bother to take out the extra slides?

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  1. Cheryl was very inspiring. A great start to the conference.