Grafica Fildalga

I saw this video last week at the 99% Conference here in NYC and was moved by it. Well done, CoolHunting!

(thanks for reminding me, Jon)

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  1. Hi, loved the video. Googled lambe lambe and came up with at the CR website. Their December 08 cover apparently was made in the same workshop. It’s wonderful that such local things get such a global recognition. Thanks for posting the video

  2. I am sooooo happy that we actually got one of these amazing posters! I am constantly smelling it!

  3. That’s so amazing! I had never heard about gráfica fidalga before (and I live in São Paulo!). I love these old fashioned posters (lambe-lambes), they are so urban. :)

  4. Amazing video. I’m a brazilian designer. I’ve work in graphics before, and if you look outside São Paulo ( which is the most developed city in Brazil ) you will find even more astonishing stuff. The movie is amazing, and the workers are the true brazilian people. Simple people, that simply loves what they do. No matter what they do.

    keep up the good work, your blog is nice. thanx

  5. Brilliant! This is what it’s all about. I love how much adoration and respect they have for their craft. So beautiful.

  6. Wow! Great movie and also I’m brazilian too. I have to say machines like that isn’t so common here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fantastic short! In a classic perfect example of how an object can become a powerful “social object”. I desire to have one of those posters!