Image Spark


ImageSpark: A creative tool that helps you collect, discover, share, tag and converge images that inspire you and your work.

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  1. Looks like their website database got crushed by traffic. None of the links beyond front page work.

  2. Ya – it’s been getting hammered this week. We’ve been working through the issues today. Apologies.

  3. Am not really sure how this site could be any better than Flickr beside that it doesn’t belong to yahoo! And the mac app? Sorry don’t get it yet…

  4. This looks like it has great potential! I noticed the site has been buggy (I’m sure due to the MASSIVE push thanks to Miss SWISS MISS.)

    I’m looking forward to using this once the traffic issues are cleared up!

  5. Image Spark is a simply and elegantly designed tool–I integrated a couple of months ago. It’s a pleasure to use in my practice and the tools work very well. I use it quite differently than I use flickr.

  6. Another site hurt by love. :)

  7. Anyone actualy able to upload images to it from a site? Everytime I try, even on a regular ol’ jpeg, I get this error:

    “We were unable to process your upload, you were likely trying to upload an unsupported file type, sorry for any inconvenience”

  8. Very cool! Just signed up :) Thanks!!

  9. Is this more interesting than fffound?
    I’ll take a look.

  10. This is just what I’ve been looking for. I like the idea of an image morgue and the FF add-on is just the thing for instant clipping. Here’s mine: (I just uploaded my first image).

  11. Thanks for sharing! It’s different but I like it :) just wish they had a quick upload button like Oh well maybe in the future, thanks again.

  12. Thank you for the link… loving it.

  13. Still very slow. But I singed up last week and realy like it!

  14. I have just installed the FF plug-in and it works perfect, i like it!