T-Shirt Monthly

(design by Ill Studio)

T-shirt Monthly is a t-shirt subscription: one t-shirt a month for six months, straight to your mailbox. Exclusive artwork by talented designers, screen-printed with love on American Apparel shirts.

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  1. we actually did one for xmas of santa pin-striped (like auto detailing).

  2. love this. i’ve been interested in the t-shirt subscription idea for awhile, but haven’t loved any of the design enough to commit. i’ll be checking this out now… thanks!


  3. that’s great, it reminds me of http://www.t-post.se

  4. This is cool. I really like the idea. The design looks good, something I’d wear.

  5. Better subscribe to the threadless.com 12 club/ http://www.threadless.com/12club . Much nicer Tshirts!

  6. 200 bucks for 6 shirts I may or may not like is a bit steep