Type (Laptop) Tray


Feel the burn during your workout, not while you’re working. Laptops are notorious for putting out too much heat for the average lap. With the Type Tray as a middle layer, the heat dissipates through 3/4″ of 100% industrial wool felt. Crisis averted. The Type Tray features a lovely typographic design of P22 Kilkenny and Cavetto, laser-cut into the felt. Made from recycled (and recyclable) materials, through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

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  1. Gorgeous, but ridiculously overpriced at $100 CAD.

  2. Whoa, I agree with websnap. Too bad it’s so expensive…

  3. WOW, you found this at the exact time i did, pretty creepy. Just rolled across it at Veer yesterday while looking at some other things.

    First of all. when i go to the page, it says 100 USD, so i don’t know where you are seeing canadian, veer is in the US.

    Second of all. 3/4″ industrial felt is extremely expensive. 3mm is going to run you around $80 for a 36×72 chunk, i have never priced 3/4″, but i imagine it is a lot lot more.

    Plus it is freakin laser etched.

    Now to the bad. Yes this will insulate your lap, so that it does not get to hot, but what about your laptop… The reason why it is so hot and possibly burning you, is it is trying to dissipate it’s heat, because it is way too hot. Putting a nice thick piece of felt under it is going to do the exact opposite. If your laptop already runs ultra hot this could be the item that kills it. Doesn’t let is dissipate enough, and then fries itself. Don’t laugh, it can happen. Didn’t a version of the macbook pro get up to like 172 degrees before they fixed it or something like that?

  4. love.love.love.this!

  5. My aluminium macbook is too cold on my lap.
    This is gorgeous – form and function.
    Where do I get one?

  6. cool!…but so are those shoes!

  7. despite all the negatives pointed out by Josh, it’s very cool to look at. I can’t say I ever actually put my laptop on my on my lap – so for me this is more an exercise in creativity on someone else’s part. And who am I to rain on that parade? :)

  8. So it is basically a board that you can put your lap top on for $100.

    Its called a book/newspaper/magazine. All of which can be as little as $3 and are also recyclable.

  9. I always have this problem and would love something like this — the type is fantastic!

  10. If you are a going to spend hours with a laptop on your lap, you need to be sure that the padding is comfortable and that it provides sufficient insulation. But it is also important to choose one that is big enough for use with a mouse.