lights on

lights on is an audio visual performance created for the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria, which has a facade that contains 1085 LED controllable windows. The windows’ colors are changed in realtime with music that’s broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building.

visuals coded in openframeworks by zachary lieberman, joel gethin lewis and damian stewart (yesyesno).

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  1. funny, i´ve seen that live from about that point of view the camera is filming most of the time…but i have to admit that it looks almost better and more impressing in that video than live…but it´s maybe because there´s no other distraction and you can concentrate more on the ars building and the sound + light-performance. thanks for sharing, however!

  2. just great

  3. That was beautiful!

    zachary lieberman, joel gethin lewis and damian stewart (yesyesno) they all should be very proud of the art they created.

    Thank you for taking the time to put this project together and thank you Tina for posting this on your blog to show the world!

  4. my (almost-)hometown! :-)

  5. See this similar work (the Rundle Lantern) in Adelaide, Australia

  6. Very cool.

    Reminded me of this audio/visual event last year…

  7. hell yes yes!!! heaven forbid no.