Cookie Monster Interview

(via heyitsnoah)

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  1. That was the best interview I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Cookie monster is my hero of the week!

  3. Om nom nom nom…

  4. Are you paying attention, Billy Bob Thornton! This is to pull off an entertaining interview.

  5. That made me smile.

  6. Cookie Monster rocks.

    I also loved the New Yorker cartoon that featured a distressed Cookie monster staring at his computer monitor exclaiming: “Delete all Cookies??!!”

  7. min 2:23: cooooookiieeeeee *hehe* so sweet!

  8. Words of wisdom from an old childhood friend. He sure does give a great interview.

  9. you’re a monster if you don’t love cookie monster.

  10. I will view this anytime I need a smile! Love the CM!

  11. i thought only Big Bird knew about Snuffalufagus?

    either way, great interview. PBS and NPR…what a great team.

  12. He never swallows! Where does it go? He is a monster!