Curve wall mounted pet bed


If we had a cat, she’d totally sleep on one of these Curve wall mounted beds.

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  1. My cat would love that for sure! : )

  2. If you had a cat, you would know that s/he would sleep everywhere EXCEPT on the supercool bed you bought for him/her. It’s in their nature…

  3. I agree with you, sfer. I have 3 cats and as cool as these are, they wouldn’t use ’em! They’d rather curl up on a newspaper.

  4. I have 2 cats, and on my wall, there are those things. It was made to put books on it. But they love to sleep there, even without pillows. My cats would surely use those beds.

  5. my cat would love this … although he’s very fat. will it break off the wall?

  6. Love these. Too bad they’re so pricey.

  7. If you have multiple cats you like to toss these would keep them readily to hand.