Design Strategy by Continuum

Resonance from Continuum on Vimeo.

(via paul isakson)

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  1. This was torturous. In parts it was as satirical of the industry as the guy with the best business in the world. What a load empty and dull rhetoric. Innovation, values, ideas, up-speak? Please, please tell me this was all a joke.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t say it was torturous, but it wasn’t very interesting. I don’t think it was a joke actually, but they did want to do something clever and the achieved something a bit silly.

  3. I thought so too at first but think of it this way: this was not a video for other designers. It’s clearly meant to communicate to other markets (and probably clients) what a company like this does. Explaining design is difficult.

  4. if you’ve paid for design strategy as a client, you’d know, as I do, that this is a very clear explanation of how it works. Now my colleagues and I have another tool to help others understand the value of putting people’s values ahead of profits. Explaining design is difficult indeed. Explaining to my CEO why we should pay for it is even more difficult.