ICFF 09 | Wastebin


Yes, I can get excited over a beautifully designed Waste Bin, like this one, by Grace Youngeun Lee.

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  1. I literally said “whooooaaaa” outloud when I saw this. great stuff.

  2. Brilliant
    love it :)

  3. I want one!!!

  4. The reason why foot operated bins flip the lid up, is because the lid always weighs the same amount. The operator can expect that a nominal amount of pressure on the lever will open the bin. This required force can be calculated by the bin’s designer to ensure the lid is light enough to ensure ease of use.

    This design, on the other hand, is flawed. Every item added to the bin will increase it’s weight and reduce the effectiveness of tilt feature. Fill this bin with sand, and you won’t be able to operate it at all.

    Pretty, but far from practicle.

  5. are you some sort of pussy? a small space like that filled with just sand would easily be outweighed by a combination of leg strength and/or the users body weight. perhaps if it was filled with lead? In which case you would be better off going directly to a scrap metal merchant

  6. hi, does anyone know if you can buy this anywhere? thanks!