Show Me Your Dock! Series | Khoi Vinh


Grace Smith has a fun series on her site where she asks designers to reveal the contents of their Mac OS X Dock. Check out Khoi’s dock. (I wish she would link to the applications in her post!)

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  1. Let’s see how many I can get:

    Finder (natch), don’t know, dashboard, mail, don’t know, safari, firefox, adium, ichat, don’t know don’t know

    peel, address book, ical, iphoto, itunes, should know this but don’t, no idea, expose, timemachine, settings, don’t know

    don’t know, don’t know, looks like final draft, text wrangler, word, excel, various CS apps and acrobat

    only recognize calculator

    Now I want to now the rest!

  2. Ah, they are in the post. Oops.

  3. This is such a great idea – I’m always interested in people’s docks when i’m on their computers, and I find myself rearranging mine all the time (into categories, staggered depending on how often i use each app, right now it’s rainbow order!)

  4. Tina thanks for featuring the series on your beautiful blog :-) I didn’t link the apps as it would be pretty time consuming and as the apps are listed i thought people would be able to google them pretty easily.

    Khoi also got me into Default Folder X, amazing isn’t it!