Sorry I’m Late

Wonderful stop-motion video by Tomas Mankovsky. I *love* the moving clouds!

(via booooooom)

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  1. it’s nice, but definitevely I would not be patient enough to do something like this, hehe… :D

  2. This is fantastic. Made me want to be late for something!

  3. Wow, well done! Reminds me rather a lot of Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance”

  4. Amazing short, and it says on the website that it was shot in 2007 and that’s way before the Oren Lavie-clip.

  5. I couldn’t figure out how it was done until the ending credits. wow! impressive.

  6. Donde Ambrosius afirma que es un veddeo hseromo y que cuando el jefe vuelva a mirar para otro lado, volvere1 a pincharlo y a escucharlo, y que ojale1 e9l pudiera hacer esas cosas en su silla negra de su oficina