Technorama Facade by Ned Khan

In 2002, Ned Kahn worked with the staff of Technorama, the major science center in Switzerland, and their architects, Durig and Rami, to create a facade for the building which is composed of thousands of aluminum panels that move in the air currents and reveal the complex patterns of turbulence in the wind.

(thank you andreas)

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  1. There is a store on Atlantic Avenue near the Atlantic Terminal that has a similar sign, but it’s not nearly as cool or large.

  2. That looks amazing but does it add anything to the building other than looking great? (Not that I don’t think that’s enough!). There must be some kind of ‘green’ application you could use this more. I couldn’t find out any more information about it.

  3. Clearscapes, Inc. designed this facade for Raleigh’s new Convention Center, Ned Kahn worked out the technological details of the installation. The louvers hide the large exhaust vents needed for the air-handling systems. The graphic: A stylized oak tree for the “City of Oaks”.:

  4. The same artist created an identical piece, on a much smaller scale, in San Francisco, in 1999: