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Sudarshan ShettySudarshan ShettySudarshan Shetty

Sudarshan Shetty’s Untitled Piece (from the “Leaving Home” series) was amusing and absurd at the same time. Sudarshan uses a veriety of everyday materials to create kinetic sculptures. This large work refers to the idea of homes as a physical enclosure with many eyes: an imposing stainless steel chamber with a myriad of plastic sunglasses in lieu of windows. After visitors enter the chamber, the politics of viewing is immediately reversed – the eyeglasses turn to scrutinize the new inhabitant of this small enclosure, placing them under the dispassionate surveillance of invisible viewers.

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  1. the logo looks jagged , hope it’s not intentional

    nice site btw

  2. Um, I didn’t find that one so inspirational, I must say. Stood inside, it was okay … I really liked the combination of Anthony McCall’s dark room (the one with light and smoke installation) and Sigmar Polke’s very bright room with the amber colour paintings. In that particular order a total win. Today, for some more, yay!