Yesterday our dear swiss friends Brigitte, Peter, Yucki and Vera moved back to Switzerland after 11 years of having called NYC their home. They left in style via boat, a big boat, Queen Mary 2. We went to wave goodbye and to hold up some giant letters that I’ve cut out of foamboard.

(Too bad they didn’t know what DRAMAMINE was. We thought it was hilarious and would add some much needed lightness to it all. And by the way, the idea to spell out Dramamine was G’s. He’s brilliant! )

Goodbye Hossli/Schmid’s. You will be dearly missed. (sigh)

good bye

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  1. So. Awesome. You are the best.

  2. awesome indeed!

  3. SO cute! i love this!!!!

  4. wow! this was a wonderful idea!! really good!!
    und in “unserer” sprache: eine grandiose idee von euch!!

  5. I saw the ship docked yesterday afternoon–I always wonder if I know anyone aboard when I see a ship. What a sweet farewell gesture.

  6. My wife and I took the Transatlantic QM2 crossing last year. Came back sailing along side the QE2 on its last voyage. I shot this video and uploaded it to You Tube while onboard.

  7. this is very sweet. how wonderful to have/be such good friends.

  8. great idea
    and u also spelled my name :)

  9. We arrived this morning in Southampton. All went well. Wonderful trip. One week offline is pure joy.

    Thanks again to Tina and our other dear friends for a wonderful send-off.