Kajsa Sten


New Duvet Design from IKEA. Made me look.

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  1. A bit too close to Marimekko’s “Kivet” (stones) motif, ( http://www.marimekko.fi/ENG/interior/fabric/verhoilukankaat/collection/kivet_markiisikangas_001.htm ) for my taste. Especially since Marimekko has recently been in the limelight when they rightfully called out an Italian fashionhouse for copying their “Unikko” pattern ( http://www.marimekko.fi/ENG/interior/fabric/maijaisola/unikko )

  2. Pretty bold move. Maija Isola designed internationally celebrated Kivet for Marimekko in 1956.


  3. Sure looks familiar to me too:

    Though Ikea is full of similar kind of “coincidences”.