MUJI Portable Shaver

Portable Shaver

What a beauty is this simple Portable Shaver from MUJI?

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  1. Wait a second – if this was anyone else but Muji, would this really be so fantastic? Looks to me like another piece of ‘looks better than it works’ crap from Muji – the difference in that this time it doesn’t really look that great either………

  2. Have to say, it looks really cheap and plasticky to me.

  3. I love MUJI, but this piece shout for a designer…

  4. copy of a sanyo design i had years ago?

  5. guys know that this thing is a crap….

  6. muji always amazing me with their simple + pretty products

  7. As Jim said, it’s definitely just a white version of a very cheap shaver. I immediately recognized it, cause it was the very first electric shaver I had as a teenager.

    I got it as a gift from my dad when he’d been in the states. It was black, the top part was grey and the switch was brown, I think. It had a SEARS logo on it.

    This was probably almost 20 years ago. Interesting that it’s still manufactured.