The Continental Crawler Continues

The Continental Crawler: “Lost Lake” Season 2, Episode 5 from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.

The Continental Crawler is a video series created by my friends Michael Cogliantry and Jen Cogliantry, two ex-New Yorkers new to the Pacific Northwest. Channeling their inner-outdoors-people for the first time in years, they hit the road Lucy and Ricky style in a 1958 travel trailer found on Ebay. Past video episodes and travel photography from the lower 48 states (and the great nation of Canada) on such outdoor subjects as fire-making, cheese-curd tasting and high-altitude cooking can be found here on their blog.

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  1. Hi… I just have to ask….. where did you get the name Continental Crawler? Our NYC powerpop/garage rock band in the late 70’s was called Continental Crawler… maybe you had one of our records? We’re cool with you using the name but would love to know if you used our band as a reference for the name of the series !!!!!! have a great run!!!!!

    Mike…. you can reach me at [email protected] or on our myspace page