The Fallen Princesses


The Fallen Princesses project imagines Disney characters if their stories didn’t end happily ever after.

(via kottke)

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  1. I feel like my life is this way sometimes ;) However my Prince Charming is usually holding the other kids standing beside me with the same look on his face, oh and our makeup would be smeared with serious bags under our eyes!

  2. this is a great and interesting narrative and i to love kettle crisps not so much four annoying children and a dog that eats my kettle crisps!

  3. i find it interesting and sad that ‘getting kids’, ‘ending up with a couple of kids’ or for a woman to get knock up is seen as failure.

    so sad.

  4. this is so-so sad, catching but too sad.

  5. I think this is hilarious,