Furniture Shopping with Jake Bronstein

Charming Jake Bronstein took me on a Brooklyn Furniture Shopping Mission. And while we were looking for parking, he asked me some questions. Watch the video below or over on Fiestamovement.

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  1. Viel Spaß!

    Now I’m sort’ve dying to see the gold tooth and hear the story about Buckyballs.

  2. Chris, I’ll try to go by the store one more time to take a picture of that model tooth. And here’s the link to Jake’s amazingly addictive toy:

  3. This sounds like a fun Fiesta challenge! I’ve been watching some of the videos on the site and what a neat concept this is for a car… As so many fun stories (of people!) are being told beyond just the look or performance of the machine. And a great piece you found as well!

  4. Fun video.

    Can you tell us what store you were at? I am intrigued by this tooth as well.

  5. I think Jake is super cute!

    (Don’t tell Rob.)

  6. ahhh, this was a fun ride!
    Funny the little side table was my first “non ikea” furniture I could afford.

  7. Brooklyn streets and brownstones shout out!

  8. Do we now get to see the Eames table, brought to you by Ford?

  9. Hi. Does anyone know what Tina was refering to when she mentioned the 10 rules of graphic design? I’m always eager to read those kinds of stuff. Thank!!

  10. Karen, this is the Eames Sidetable we were referring to: A beauty, no?

  11. Bastien, here are Dieter Ram’s 10 Commandements of Good Design:

  12. Well thank you for this. I now realise how ridiculous I might have sounded asking this question and not recognising such a reknown design personality.