Variable Heart Cake Form

variable heart cake form

The variable heart cake form, designed by Swiss Zimmerli Design, is a folded sheet steel band. Adjust the size of desired heart as needed. Lovely. (Kurt Zimmerli also designed the famous SIGG Bottle)

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  1. The baker in me is having a love hate with this!! You can’t pour batter into a bottomless form so you would have to use it like a cookie cutter with a sheet cake. So much waste…. But I LOVE it!!!

  2. agreed. much less exciting as an adjustable cookie cutter. i guess you could line it with parchment, but that totally defeats the quick adjustability! still, nice to look it if functionally lacking.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to successfully make two flavors of cheesecake in one. This might just work! I could put a heart of one flavor in the middle of the cake and make the outsides the other flavor. Hmm… worth experimenting.

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