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townhouse zurich
townhouse zurich

On our second day in Zurich I made sure to stop by the only 8 week old store called Townhouse in the charming Weite Gasse 4. Not only is the store itself a beauty, the owners Mia Zeltner & Sebastiaan Vadasz are a delight as well. They offered us yummee coffee in stylish cups and were happy to answer all my curious questions while little Ella explored their store. With the exception of two prints I have not seen any of their products anywhere else. Mia and Sebastiaan really manage to have an exclusive, suprising collection of designy things.

I was excited to see polaroids of my friend Grant Hamilton on their walls. Check out some of the items they carry in the e-shop.


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  1. gorgeous! really! they seem to be cool as the stuff they sell!