as creative as possible


This poster by Frank Chimero made me chuckle.

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  1. That’s why I used Helvetica… Sorry, Frank!

  2. Thanks for this tip. I visited his website, and also really like his State series. Can’t wait till he completes all 50.

  3. hehe, that’s cute!

  4. Sadly, in my experience as a junior designer, most companies don’t want you to be as creative as possible. They’re run by old suits set in their ways and want you to only mimic their out-of-date competition.

    Nice portfolio though, love the classic style and color choices :)

  5. A client can signal handily destroy creativity. Rant text follows here

  6. one of my colleague and I played with this poster… We are both webdesigner working in an office full of deveoppers ;p

  7. and it uses Helvetica classic. Lauded in Gary Huswitz’s doc as either so blank it was beautiful or that it was a representation of a communistic nazi regime of cloning condensed into a font hence uncreative!

  8. Frank’s work is great.

  9. Well said and Well put.