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No More Italian

One of my loyal CreativeMornings attendees, Matt Convente, pointed me to the t-shirts above t-shirts he designed. They made me chuckle. Matt is a recent graphic design graduate, obviously incredibly talented and in search of a job. Consider hiring him, maybe?

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  1. Great shirts!!! Love…Love

  2. good color and good designs! simple yet effective! i like them very much. do you design any other stuff as well?

  3. Thanks Ashely! I just graduated from the design program at Boston University, and that program is mainly a print one. These initial designs stem from my senior degree project called “microscope”, which can be viewed at http://microscope.mattconvente.com

    Right now, I’m focusing on developing the full site and selecting the next tshirt designs. On http://www.wearfluent.com you can sign up to be notified when I fully launch my site. Thanks again!