Last Suppers

Last Suppers, by James Reynolds, is a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meal before execution.


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  1. Canadian artist Paul Kneale did a Last Meal Delivery Service:

  2. So did Jonathon Kambouris –
    go to series, last meals

  3. Looks like the Sing Sing tray that David Weeks made.

  4. there’s also such a series by Celia A. Shapiro, used by the german and swiss section of Amnesty International, see the cover

    On Celia A. Shapiro (german)

    and on the issue itself still one of the most impressive work: by Fabian Biasio (Projekte > Todesstrafe)

  5. What on earth is that last one? It looks like a chocolate-covered espresso bean, but I think that’s just my tired stomach talking.

    This is a fascinating series, though. It reminds me of some other food art — like hospital food — that I came across in a food porn roundup:

  6. It’s an olive. Don’t be stupid.

  7. It’s a grape!

  8. No, it’s an olive..

  9. Its pork, don’t be stupid

  10. It’s a date…get it…. “what do you want for your last meal?” ” A date”, so thats what he got

  11. Sorry folks, the alt text says Olive.

  12. I hope the guy with the fruit didn’t get the chair…..he might have exploded into a pile of shit.

  13. Hello? Yeah, can I get the #7, no cheese, two #3s, one with extra onions, three Cokes, and an extra thing of fries? Thanks.

  14. Oh jeez
    that’s sad. :(

  15. lol…. 6 cokes and 1 cracker seems like its something racist, anyone agree?

  16. Should have asked for one of these: and told them to take their time with it.

  17. “I hope the guy with the fruit didn’t get the chair…..he might have exploded into a pile of shit.”

    Half the time I think that’s why the condemned choose the meals they do – one last “F*ck You!” to the system. They choose meals that will cause diarrhoea knowing some poor sod will have to clean it up afterwards.

  18. If I’m gonna get the chair, I want my last meal to be a pound of unpopped popcorn and a glass of vegetable oil.

  19. @ brhnugs. I think the man/ or woman wanted to try out the age old mystery of does your stomache explode if you ingest all of that at one time. A similar result is said to come from bannans and sprite, mentos and coke, and pop rocks and coke. I think it was cool that he wanted to experiement with life and prove it true or false once and for all.

  20. I think if I had to choose a last meal, I’d get myself a fortune cookie. :D

  21. Most people ordering a last meal don’t even have the appetite to eat it. Would you?

  22. fucking shit