You like threaded conversations, googling your inbox, and you prefer labels over folders. You really love Gmail. Continue to use the Gmail web interface you know and love, but from Mailplane instead of your web browser: Mailplane brings Gmail to your desktop. (Oh, look, this nifty app has been cooked up by a swiss. Yay!)

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  1. Or you could just use Fluid (

  2. Fluid works, but it feels kludgy for long-term use. I’ve used Mailplane for some time now, and it handles like a dream.

    It saves your login through the keychain (mac), seamlessly transitions between multiple accounts, and just does the job of bringing gmail out of the browser very very well.

    It really does make gmail seem like a full fledged desktop email client. It’s one of those tools that, once integrated into your workflow, you never much think about again, because you’re to busy using it to think about more important things.

    And no, I’m not a Mailplane shill, just a fan.

  3. I have to agree with Josh. Mailplane is great, especially if you need to work with multiple gmail accounts, including google apps (your domain through gmail)…

    The developer is also very responsive and always updates whenever Gmail gets an update.

  4. I’ve been using MailPlane since the early beta over a year now and I highly recommend it. When someone I used to work with saw me drag and drop attachments into it a year ago they flipped out.

    The best things for me are: multiple accounts, growl alerts when i want them so i can instantly reply, keyboard shortcuts and auto-completion for adding labels, and drag and drop for attachments. Updates are constant and unintrusive.

  5. I wish there was a note that this is for Mac OS only, before I had the chance to get all excited about it.