Mission for a smart Zurich

aktion fuer ein kluges zuerichaktion fuer ein kluges zuerich

Here’s a Zurich based site/campaign that made me look and jump off my seat. (klugeszuerich.ch is in german only, sorry) Mission for a smart Zurich: Philosophical and ethical questions printed on white stickers began appearing on Zurich lampposts, hydrants and trash bins in fall of 2007. The mission grew into 5000 stickers, two poster campaigns and 60′000 eBoard screens in train stations. Some of the questions are: “Are you a good person. When did it start?” “When are you egoistic?” “What do you see when you look into your heart?” “Do you love your partner for what he is or for what he could be?”

I wasn’t able to figure out who’s behind it. Anyone know?

(via @blancpain)

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  1. Yow! Agitprop of beauty, for sure. Can’t wait to learn who cooked this up.

  2. this is amazing.

  3. Thanks @Kathrin … actually this ‘Tages Anzeiger’ article explains it all …

  4. They didn’t do any follow up to explain it? Argh, perhaps ASG should have done the same with Ali Kebab, neverending questions :)

  5. check it out. http://www.kult.ch/
    (meyer and partner). only in german.

  6. reminds me to the questionnaires (Fragebogen) by max frisch.

  7. Thank your for your sweet comments!

    Check out the Facebook page for the latest mission.