Print Factory

Print Factory Logo

I just fell in love with the logo mark of Print Factory. Who designed it?

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  1. I think that was Eddie McGowan who also co-owns Owl & Lion

  2. Cool, I first saw that on the FormFiftyFive site a month or so ago and i then went to the website to find out more, but the reason was because I loved the logo some much.

    The factory looks good but i think its the CMYK smoke that just makes it sing. Its just perfect!

    I’m glad some somebody else loves it too, makes me feel less of an identity geek!

  3. I believe it’s the esteemed and good pal Mr. Jez Burrows.

  4. I really like how lately a lot of logos are incorporating both literal and whimsy art to describe the company. Great logo!

  5. Ah. Eddie could take Jez in an arm wrestle though I reckon

  6. If you guys like that you’ll love the Sing Statistics book that Jez and Lizzy have just released… as Frank will know, he’s in it ;)

  7. Guilty as charged!

    Probably best to ignore Russell’s slanderous comments, however true they might be.

  8. Looks very similar to the Reactor logo.

  9. Jez is a very talented chap!

  10. Fantastic logo. A nice mix of industrial and artistic.

    Now, if our factories have to blow smoke out their tops, how could we get them to do it in CMYK, because that would be pretty cool. Maybe in an earth friendly way (no idea how though…) to kind of brighten up a bleak landscape.