A simple alternative to Indexhibit: Stacey

stacey app

Anthony Kolber is a graphic designer who got frustrated with trying to customize Indexhibit for his friend’s portfolio sites. So he decided to create something to make it simpler, it’s a php app called Stacey.

Stacey’s aim is to make the customizing part easier. You edit html files as html, the installation consists of dropping files onto your server and content editing is handled by creating folders and putting images inside them. There is no ‘admin’ interface, it’s all done via basic ftp.

You can see it working and download it at: http://staceyapp.com

At the moment it is running these sites: aestheticallyloyal.com, andmelbourne.com & hollyrose.com.au

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  1. I just spent ages customising (and getting very frustrated with) Indexhibit :(

    Thanks for this, better late than never; will redo my site in it soon

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I couldn’t get indexhibit to work out well for me and ended up building my entire site from scratch. I’m stoked to try this out.

  3. Although I’m partial to Indexhibit, this is a nice, clean layout.

  4. being a indexhibit user myself, i was interested in this and after spending most of the morning trying to install this and not doing my job at work, i’d have to say that this app has a way to go. its hardly intuitive. i think that anyone who has had luck with indexhibit will find that this is a bit of a letdown at this point in its development. it requires more web/php knowledge than it lets on—but it does have promise considering its a free utility.

  5. cargocollective.com is better. and it’s hosted.

  6. This isn’t an alternative to indexhibit really, and it’s so bare bones, that I reckon most non-tech-savvy users would get incredibly frustrated with it, very fast. Looks nice on the outside, but imagine trying to manage it. Nightmare.

    cargocollective isn’t available publicly yet.

  7. I have been using indexhibit for my website and yes got frustrated with it and decided to jump ship and use stacey. Big mistake, I found it very frustrating to use and make work, the templates are lovely but that’s the only positive about it, I agree with Duncan its a headache to manage and once you start it breaks instantly.

  8. I’m using this to run my site. It’s awesome.

  9. Awesome! Gonna try this soon.

  10. Looks good…Are there any tutorials on the net or youtube talking you through how to set up your site? and how much coding is involved?

  11. Stacey rocks.
    Make static pages, default pages replace with new code, make some changes, add custom functionality and that’s it. It’s working perfectly. Clean and valid generated code that depends only of your skills.

  12. Try http://www.allyou.net. It’s very easy and hosted as well!

  13. It took me a week to customize Indexhibit with the final collapse of my nerves. It took me 24 hours to make my website completely running and designed. Must say I´m a total dummie about code, but I made it…
    Stacey is an absolute miracle for me…

  14. Hello. Thank you for posting this. I am going to be installing this tomorrow for my photography portfolio. It looks too good to be true; I just spent a week looking around for something to replace my 500px portfolio, which costs $60 per year.

    Vielen dank!

  15. There is also a WordPress version of the old classic ‘blue links’ Indexhibit look, which makes it much much easier to use.


  16. Did you try koken? http://koken.me/

    It looks like a million years ahead of everything else I’ve seen. It’s retina-friendly, has a super advanced media management ui, and the best thing is: abobe lightroom integration!

    Oh and it’s free (so far), so looks like the perfect solution for creatives accross multiple disciplines.

  17. Here is an automatic installer for Indexhibit https://smallgod.net/indexhibit.php