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I just learned about a fantastic new service called Setster which is targeted at service providers, consultants, and freelancers. (= People like me!) Setster allows you to list your availability in an online overlay widget on your site and allows customers to book appointments, pay for services etc. (I love to hear hat Setster integrates with Freshbooks, to allow service providers the ability to invoice from within the Setster Application. Yes, I am a Freshbooks Fan!)

You can see what a sample/pretend Setster widget overlay on swissmiss would look like by clicking here. It is a free service with upgrade options, clean UI and very designer friendly, non intrusive button that follows users around the site until they decide they want to book 60 minutes of your time for a gazillion dollars.

They just launched the widget so they do not have too many sample sites but check out this Designer’s Site with the Setster widget installed.


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  1. This is very nice. A lot of professors use similar services so students can book appointments during office hours, although those web apps don’t nearly look as nice as this one. Don’t know if you even hold office hours, but it’s something to think about if you do or plan to in the future.

  2. That really is fantastic. I signed up for an account added the widget and had everything up and running inside of 15 minutes. It’s not going to be free forever, but I’d have no problem forking over a monthly fee for that. I do wish there was an option to remove the border and shadow from the widget though.

  3. Ooos. The website states about 50 times that the free plan will always be free.

  4. sub-15 minute set up for me too. Setting up ‘pay for’ appointments might just cut down on my no-shows, which kills my wallet. I can say I’m the first tattoo artist using it! I think. Any other tattoo artists using setster?

  5. Very nice looks well fills a need that i am looking at for booking people into counseling sessions.

  6. I’d been looking for something like this for a long time. Set up in 15 minutes. Seeing my first test was so cool!

  7. I’d been looking for something like this for a long time. Set up in 15 minutes. Seeing that first test appointment work was so cool!