Jason Hackenwerth

At today’s VeloCITY Salon Jason Hackenwerth managed to put a huge smile on my face. Jason happened to be working on his sculpture right next to our workshop, preparing for the Grand Rapids Art Price. I have never heard of Jason before but I am thrilled to now have him on my ‘art map’. Check out the video below. And here’s the picture I snapped of Jason, during our workshop, where he is taking his balloon sculpture for a spin.

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  1. His work was installed at my art school here in Indiana earlier this year!! Very awesome find.

  2. i think i just fell in love.

  3. I want his job! What am I doing in an office?
    Preatty cool!

  4. BTW, it’s called Art Prize. Grand Rapids is a great city!

  5. eifach kuuuuuuuuuhl !!!

  6. amazing- thanks for sharing