Look, a sailboat!

view out of swissmiss studio

I love how our studio-mate Chesley Andrews keeps finding fresh ways of documenting the marine world outside our studio. Her latest picture on EveryDayEastRiver made me smile. And yes, our studio view is pretty darn amazing. Lucky us!

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  1. Please, SwissMiss, show us more of your studio….

  2. I like how this shot treats the window view more as a framed picture.

  3. The strange thing is, that if the exact same water, buildings, window, office… would be somewhere else, at a place what no one knows, nobody would find this, your studio and the whole thing a good place, a good looking place or a nice one.

    But because everyone who sees this picture knows that this is in Manhattan, everyone likes it.

    This is something like I (and I think all the little kids) saw when we were a child, that there are so many things people rates so high but we could not understand why.
    Though, I would also like to have an office like yours :)

  4. i love your studio! its even portrayed through your website, very minimal!

  5. Very cool! My studio also overlooks the East River. I love watching storms come in. Have you ever seen the children’s book “Little Toot”? It’s about a little tugboat, and the author/illustrator, Hardie Gramatky, was inspired by his studio view of the East River. Gorgeous work: http://www.californiawatercolor.com/paintings/hardie_gramatky/little_toot_s_figure_8/?ret=%2Fpaintings%2Fhardie_gramatky%2F

  6. I think they have definitely caught an amazing photo here. Such a great view from this office here. So much to get from all the work here. http://www.allenfraser.com