Early morning at swissmiss studio. I just succesfully doused my keyboard with coffee. Le big sigh.

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  1. d @swissmiss oh, ich hab auch noch so eine schöne (keramik, aber zerknittert) gibt’s die noch irgendwo? http://tinyurl.com/naewjt

  2. has happened to me a couple of times as well… :)

  3. Hope there’s not sugar in that

  4. @Thierry: You can still get them at MoMAstore.org

  5. You spilled coffee on your keyboard and instead of doing what the average person does (jumping back, shouting, running around the room to find a paper towel or something similar) you decide to take a picture and post it to your blog.

    Just another reason why you’re so awesome Tina.

  6. @Tanner, I was waiting for someone to point that out. Yeah, first picture, then clean up! ;) (And thanks for the thumbs up)

  7. most of the time keyboards can bounce back from that. just give it time to sit and dry before trying it.

  8. Next time? This cup from MoMA: http://tinyurl.com/7l6mlj

    I feel your pain. It’s happened to me with tea more than once.

  9. I wanted to relay a story about that coffee cup – a few years ago, my flatmate gave me a set of these for my birthday (so, so cool!). A week or two later, he was going through his bills for the month when I heard him collapse into hysterical laughter – turns out, upon examining the receipt, that they’d given him a sizeable discount on the little guys due to them being ‘damaged merchandise.’

    We suffer for our art.

  10. That sucks, I’m sorry… at least your cup is awesome? Does that help? No? :(

  11. Clean up on aisle Swiss!

  12. Use one of your daughter’s sippy cups next time, eh?

  13. Can you turn this into a wallpaper? :)

  14. Number one rule (after alway have two back ups) is no liquid allowed on the same dimensional surface as computer unless it is tamed with a firm lid. On your behalf, I say, “crap!”

  15. Please let us know how Apple’s aluminum keyboard holds-up.

  16. i love people who photograph their messes before cleaning them up.

  17. If there’s suger in it, there’s no coming back from that….

    New keyboard – stat.

    Feel grateful it’s just an unfortunate coffee incidence and not a giant branch in your roof.

    A big tree branch smashed a hole through my new office roof a couple of weeks ago :-))

    All fixed now, will blog about it soon.

  18. Same thing happened to me this morning…but with Listerine. Yikes!

  19. i seem to do this on a 2x a year basis…ugh…hope it turns out ok!

  20. Hm, so i guess no one yet came up with some plastic/vinyl or other type table sticker to color code work surface areas as coffee free and coffee forbidden places? visual cues i mean.

  21. I always wondered about the center of gravity for those porcelain crumpled cups. It wasn’t your fault!

  22. Maybe the coffee cleaned the keyboard a bit? –> I have never cleanded my keyboard!

  23. 70°C, mittlere Schiene. Kein Thema

  24. wish you wouldn’t use plastic cups for your coffee though :(

  25. This happened to me too, I flipped it, dried it for 14 days and it worked for 4 more months, then it stopped.

  26. a wet cloth with a little dishwashing liquid does miracles to coffee-fied keyboards

  27. hmm.. perhaps this wouldn’t have happened had we been using a coffee mug… something reusable and more sturdy…