Domsai Terrarium

domsai terrarium

Meet the Domsai! Matteo Cibic—a multi-threat creative director for architecture, design and ad brands—describes his little guys as a kind of tamagotchi for our desk or side table. Unlike those pedestrian technical toys that require “feeding,” the Domsai is high design and beautiful and actually requires a bit of water and sunlight. User interaction is a hallmark of Matteo’s work. Produced in the tiny Northern Italian commune of Nove, a hot bed of ceramics, these anthropomorphic planters are all one of a kind because no two are exactly the same: They are hand cast and mouth blown…so forms vary slightly with each Domsai.

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  1. nice but $140.00 is a bit much in my oppinion.

  2. I love it – made me smile too – and it’s so much better than those little cubes with the tiny fish inside that I’ve seen on desks before. Terrific idea :-)

  3. Oh these are very sharp. I would love to see a version with suspenders.