Isamu Noguchi’s Playscapes

My friend Jen had the opportunity to discover and play on the grounds of Isamu Noguchi’s Playscapes over the weekend. Here are some pictures she took. Beautiful, no?

Isamu Noguchi's Playscapes
Isamu Nochugi's PlayscapesIsamu Nochugi's Playscapes

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  1. Took my daughter there this weekend. She’s been to the Eames House and is down with the mid-century mod. There is a great plaque with a picture of Noguchi. Ten years ago, (pre-kid) the playground had fallen into disrepair and the slide was locked to keep homeless folks from taking up residence. It was renovated last year. As always, great blog!

  2. He was such a great artist. These are really excellent. I would take up residence in that slide, too.

  3. Noguchi made more contemplative spaces as well, such as the UNESCO Japanese Garden.

    Seeing your blog about Isamu Noguchi made me think you might be interested in this: