Laptop Drybag


I agree with @EliHorne, I would love one of these 100% Waterproof Laptop Bags by Haglöfs.

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  1. you are by far my favorite blogger.

  2. man… I really wish I had this last year when that damn water bottle exploded in my carryon. would have saved me a new computer!

  3. I really love this orange!!

  4. Thanks Eli, thanks Tina.

  5. Wow…It’s cool…love it…. : )

  6. I was just thinking “why would anyone need this” when you explained it with your waterbottle incidence.

    Note to self, never put drinks bottle in with my laptop on a flight.

    Nice colours yeah I agree.

  7. Does anyone know where it can be purchased in the states? Thank you!