Mix My Granola


Being swiss, I am a lover of all things Muesli/Granola. I was excited to discover MixMyGranola, a service that let’s you customize your very own Granola mix. Here’s how it works: First choose one of the four granolas. Then continue on to their large selection of fruits, nuts, seeds, and extras to create a mix the way you like it. And voila, the cool tube shaped container is then being shipped right to your house. What’s not to love?

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  1. similar to myMuesli which are serving the UK, Germany and Switzerland – even the tube boxes look similar (but using different colors and fonts).
    Are these companies connected?

  2. It definitely looks like a ripoff of myMuesli. Their story starts in 2007 whereas MixMyGranola was concieved a year later while the founders were sitting at breakfast pondering granola.

  3. yeah I must agree with Markus and Edward… it’s looks like myMuseli. I’m also a granola lover, and this mix is just lovely!

  4. do you find it that hard to mix your own muesli?

  5. Wer hat’s erfunden?
    Die Schweizer??

  6. Die Deutschen (MyMüslistadt Passau)!
    Nicht alles, was chic, modern und gesund ist kommt aus der Schweiz ;)

  7. Sogar die font ist ziemlich ähnlich. Das schreit gerade nach einem Swissmiss Beitrag über mymuesli…

  8. Who knew? I was spending all of my time planting grains and fruit trees in my backyard. Definitely easier to go this route.

  9. I’m not sure what the big deal is with this. I mean can’t you make a granola mix in the bulk section of your supermarket? That’s what I do.

  10. I bet your supermarket doesn’t give you a tube that looks like Pringles. Ha!

  11. I wish I had granola. I’ve been stuck with (one type of) plain rolled oats.